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Karesz Vándor is a Budapest-based Hungarian Jewish tour guide officially licensed in English and Hebrew. His Hungarian Jewish tours cover Budapest’s iconic places and the picturesque countryside with a focus on Jewish heritage in what was once the Kingdom of Hungary. His extensive experience and expertise also include researching Hungarian roots as well as locating lost family documents and relatives.

He was born in Eastern Hungary during the previous regime, which influenced his interest in history and passion for learning about the life of Hungarian JewsHis thirst for knowledge is what led him to becoming a tour guide.

Why Hungarian Jewish tours?

Bored with generic tours? Looking for a more personalized experience learning about Budapest and the entire Country’s Judaic history from a local Jewish tour guide?

Each guided tour of Hungarian Jewish tours is customized to fit the personal interests, backgrounds and needs of clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide visitors a truly unique experience, which is the key to a first-class travel adventure.


Our services

Karesz Vandor on one of his Hungarian Jewish tours

Hungarian Jewish tours founder Karesz Vandor


You can contact Karesz directly for a customized Hungarian Jewish tour by a local Jewish guide. In addition to speaking the intricate native Hungarian language,  he is also fluent in English, Russian and speaks Hebrew, German and Yiddish as well.

Hungary is filled with a vast amount of history that connects to Jewish heritage and tours can be tailored to a visitor’s specific needs and interests; for example, if you request a tour of the countryside, a plan can be created together with Karesz or he can provide suggestions leaving you with nothing to do but show up. His services are flexible and are tailored to your needs: he as your local Jewish tour guide, can also suggest a list of places of Jewish interest that most guides would not take you to.

Visiting the graves famous tzaddikim is an old Jewish tradition. Tens of thousands of pilgrims come to Hungary every year to pray by the graves of the much-respected rebbes. Whether it’s visiting the tomb of Reb Yitzhak Eizik Taub of Nagykálló or those of the Yismach Moshe or the Chasam Sofer or seeing the beautifully restored Mád synagogue, we can complete your trip with an authentic Jewish Hungarian experience.

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No Hungarian Jewish tour can be complete without seeing the Kazinczy street temple

Budapest Jewish guide: Budapest tours

Budapest is among the most beautiful capitals in Europe and is home to one of the largest Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe. You can get the most with a Budapest Jewish guide if you want to truly explore and experience Budapest’s rich Jewish culture.
Despite the city’s relatively small geography, the population is a diverse mix of religions and ethnicities and streets are filled with elaborate archutecture that is truly unique.

Jewish Budapest Essence Tour

In this package of our Budapest Jewish guide, We offer a brief, half-day tour – about four hours – that focuses on Jewish highlights of Budapest,  not to be missed. The Essence Tour includes three synagogues built in Moorish and Art Noveau styles, moving memorials and hidden treasures that mark a path in the heart of what is known as the ‘Jewish quarter’.

Jewish Budapest Premium Tour

If you prefer to see a bit more, we invite you to immerse yourself in Budapest’s contemporary Jewish life with a full-day of  intriguing historical background that will include a stop in the Jewish quarter at a kosher butcher and deli, Hungarian eatery serving Jewish cuisine but notwithstanding a sweet treat at the only kosher confectioner in the city.

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See the Dohány street synagogue with a Budapest Jewish guideSee the iconic Kazinczy street with a Budapest Jewish guide
See the Rumbach street temple with a Budapest Jewish guide

Budapest Jewish guide


It was my second time to Budapest, but Karesz showed us a side of the city I didn’t think even existed anymore…there is a thriving Jewish presence that made me feel even more connected to my father’s roots. He also helped coordinate a special ceremony for me and my husband’s new marriage in the very synagogue where my father was Bar Mitzvah’d and his parent’s were married. It was the best experience of my life.

We visited historic sites, spending time in the Jewish Quarters while enjoying the best Israeli-style falafels at a hip small chain restaurant as well as delicious authentic Hungarian treats at a legendary kosher bakery.

Karesz is such an incredible resource with a wealth of historical knowledge (about all things). He is also a sincere, passionate human being and who really made the tour so personable. We are incredibly grateful giving us such a memorable experience.

Sheba Munn Thompson

Karesz is an engaging informative guide who will go out of his way to make your trip memorable for you. Whatever you want to see or if you don't know what you should see, he is your man. We traveled with Karesz for one week in April 2016 and although our itinerary was extensive and researched by us, he refined it and we were very pleased with his great suggestions. Very professional, thorough and reliable. Bonus points for his genealogy skills! He truly made our trip to Budapest very meaningful!

Judy & Mark Deitch

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